Update On Library

6 July 2020

Dear Members,

It has been a while since you received anything from us, because, during lock-down, we didn’t have a lot to say.  I hope you and yours have all come through it unscathed and are keeping well and safe.

And now that the country is starting to open up again, we are waiting for Camden Council to announce when they are going to open their libraries again so we can follow suit. In view of this, we have been thinking about how best to do this, while keeping everybody safe.

So your library, when it opens, will look a little different and we will start with small steps: Only 2 hours 3 days a week (so 6 in total).  You will only be able to take books out (and bring them back, of course), there will be no seating and no use of computers and no use of loos.

We have been thinking about a click and collect system, but feel that some of our members will be excluded as they may not be able to access the library collection on-line. However, if you are really desperate for a book, give us a ring and we will see what we can do.

As I mentioned, when we open very much depends on when Camden libraries open and how we go on depends very much on how many of our volunteers will be willing and able to come and help, as many of them are elderly and vulnerable.

Based on this, it is unlikely we will open before the end of August/beginning of September, but we will be in touch more, keeping you informed of our plans.

Keep your fingers crossed that we will be able to open our doors soon,

The Library Team