The Primrose Hill Community Assocation (PHCA) is registered charity that has existed for around 35 years, based in the Community Centre in Hopkinsonā€™s Place.

It runs events, activities, classes and workshops, with the community centre being fully utilised during the week and weekends with activities for babies, children, youth, adults and older people.

In October 2010 they set up a lunch club in Oldfield sheltered housing complex and in October 2012, after prolonged negotiations with LB Camden and a successful fundraising campaign, 

Primrose Hill Community Assocation took over the lease on the local Library in Sharpleshall Street, which is now run very successfully by a huge team of volunteers led by the mentors.

The Community Association relies entirely on locally raised funding through activites, events and bookings and the fantastic unstinting support they receive from volunteers, local businesses and individuals.

They pride themselves on being one of the foremost community associations in London who aim to always offer the highest standard of service to the community and to keep you informed of issues which concern you and the area.

Please visit their website to find out about local events and activities and how you can get involved.


Opening Times

Monday        10am - 6pm
Wednesday  12pm -  7pm
Friday           10am - 6pm
Saturday      10am - 3pm

Tel:  020 7419 6599

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