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You can reserve a book in our catalogue by logging into your account using the RESERVED link on the right (see also Log on to My Library Account for further information).

Use the search facility to find the book you want and click the reserve option on the bottom left of the front cover image (it's an open book with a green check mark).  The book will then appear under the tab "My Reservations".  You can tell if a book is currently on loan to another member by the green and red "in" and "out" buttons to the right of the title under the front cover image.

If the book is not on loan our Librarian will retrieve it for you from the shelf (usually the next day we're open), notify you that it is available, and leave it on our Reserved shelf behind the front desk.  If the book is currently on loan a Reservation slip will be printed when it is returned and you will then be notified that it is now available to take out.  

Reservations will be held for one week after you've been notified and then returned to the shelves and a member will only be allowed to reserve a maximum of 4 books at any one time.

Unfortunately you cannot reserve Picture or Baby books for children, although other Children's categories are availalbe to be reserved.


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